Location: Belize City

Key Functions:

  • Perform general facility maintenance
  • Conduct routine inspection of premises and equipment
  • Repair machine, equipment or structure as necessary
  • Maintain clean and safe working environment
  • Conduct electrical, plumbing and HVAC repairs
  • Respond and attend to all request for maintenance work

Required Qualifications:

  • Extensive working knowledge of public safety
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Knowledge of computer software
  • Must be flexible and willing to work Monday to Saturday
  • Professional & personal recommendations required
  • Must speak fluent English
  • Must have a valid Police Record

Personal Traits:

  • Optimistic, Team Player, Disciplined
  • Organized, Responsible, Energetic
  • Experienced in good customer relations
  • Self-motivated and ability to multi-task

Considered a Plus:

  • Bi-Lingual (English & Spanish)
  • Degree in Engineering or any equivalent combination of training certificate

Completed application forms can be email to manager1@designdepot.bz
Other supporting documents include, police record or receipt, references, copies of applicable qualifications, copies of drivers license where necessary.